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Liquid Value Inc.

LIQUID VALUE INC. (“LV-Inc”) is a US corporation setup under the conventional Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) structure, optimized to be used in the digital asset eco-system for issuing security token, and formulated for capital raising through Security Token Offering (STO), the new structure namely – STO-SPAC.


Under the STO-SPAC structure, LV-Inc will issue “LV Coin,” a security token backed by LV-Inc’s assets. As a STO-SPAC, LV-Inc is a holding company that has no operations but launching STO with the intention of acquiring assets with the proceeds of the STO. The assets to be acquired will mainly focus on LIQUID ASSETS, such as publicly traded companies with M&A potential.


LV-Inc aims to create EXPONENTIAL GROWTH & ROI for investors, by using a combination of the conventional capital market and digital asset eco-system, and maximize shareholder value through conventional stock markets & digitized security exchanges.


To bring wealth inclusion to the world by diminishing the boundaries between nations and empowering underserved investors.


To provide a fully compliant and safe-guarded investment platform that can allow global investors to invest in exponential growth opportunities around the world, alongside a renowned unicorn maker.

Corporate Leaders

Chan Heng Fai.jpg

Chan Heng Fai, Chairman 

Frank D Heuszel

Mr Heng Fai Ambrose Chan spent the past 45 years specializing in financial restructuring and corporate transformation to unlock value and unleash entrepreneurial zeal while managing risk. He has successfully restructured more than 35 corporations in diversified industries in different countries.

Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and a Practicing attorney. Mr. Frank Heuszel has been in banking his entire professional career and as a banker he has served as Auditor, CFO, Manager of Special Assets, Creditor Officer and General Counsel. Excellent banking reputation as a strong credit officer, special assets manager, director of compliance and banking operation officer. 

Andrew Stuber

Mr. Samson Lee (or Sam), is a prominent entrepreneur and FinTech executive. He is the Founder & CEO of Coinstreet Partners. He is also a board advisor, independent/non-executive director, public speaker, lecturer, corporate trainer and private investor. His vision is to bring wealth inclusion and improve economic inequality in the world by diminishing the boundaries among nations and connecting isolated economies through financial technology and innovation.

After years in the financial services sector, Andrew left his Honolulu based firm and entered the Direct Sales Industry. Over the last 15 years, Andrew has been a top global leader with teams and organizations in over 50 countries as well as an industry consultant specializing in Asia and International Expansion. He is currently Head of Asia Pacific at HWH World.

Directors , Officers and Advisors

Chan Heng Fai.jpg

Chan Heng Fai

Danny Lim DP.jpg

Danny Lim

simon dixon.jpg

Simon Dixon

Christopher Low.jpg

Christopher Low

Samson Lee (Sam).jpg

Samson Lee

Joanne Wong.jpeg

Joanne Wong

Charley MacKenzie.png

Charley MacKenzie

Floyd DCosta.jfif

Floyd DCosta


Vincent Lum

Nathan Lee.png

Nathan Lee

Dr Florian M Spiegl.jpg

Dr. Florian M Spiegl

Sanjib Kalita.jpg

Sanjib Kalita

Moe Chan.jpg

Moe Chan

Alan Lui.png

Alan Lui


Alex Medana

Lowell Lo.png

Lowell Lo

Andrew Stuber.jpg

Andrew Stuber

YongKab L.jpg

Yong Kab Lee

Frank D Heuszel - orignal.jpg

Frank D. Heuszel

Ronald Wei.png

Ronald Wei

Conn Flanigan.jpg

Conn Flanigan

Robert Trapp.jpg

Robert Trapp

Dave Price.jpg

Dave Price

Aileen Ang copy.jpg

Aileen Ang

Micheal Gershon.jfif

Michael Gershon

Jason Grady.jfif

Jason Grady

José Escudero.jpg

José Escudero

Our Team
Chan Heng Fai Full Body.jpg
Game Changer | Unicorn Maker
Over 45 years of success
Coinstreet’s End-to-End Digital Asset Life-Cycle Management
Liquid Value Coin
(“LV Coin”)
Security Token
Coin Image.png
Benefits of Security Token Offering to Investors vs Traditional Path:
Security Token Offering

Fully Compliant in Multi-jurisdictions




(Smart Contract)

Higher Liquidity

(Global + 24x7)

Transparent & Immutable

Quicker Exit

(STO Exchange)

Cost Efficiency

(Direct Dealing)


Settlement Time

Access to Public & Private Deals

Coin Image.png
Asset-Back Security Token
  1. LVcoin (LVC) is a security token issued by Liquid Value Inc. (LV-Inc.), which is a STO-SPAC company established in USA.

  2. LVC is an equity-back digital share in tokenized format and is proportionally backed by the Liquid Assets on fully audited, totally transparent balance sheet.

  3. LVC is fully compliant with US security law - Reg D 506(c) and Reg-S.

  4. There are 2 paths to capitalize LV-Inc. through acquisition of Liquid Assets (only):

    • To Raise fund through STO, then use proceed to acquire assets for LV-Inc.

    • Sponsors to inject Capital and/or Asset to LV-Inc., then raise fund through STO to repay Sponsors.

  5. Market value of LVC is directly co-related to the book value of LV-Inc.

  6. LVC will be traded at licensed STO exchanges in multiple countries, pairing with major fiat currencies, top crypto-currencies and stable coins.

  7. LVC will be minted upon capital or asset injection. The no. of LVC issued for circulation is determined by our proprietary in Proof-Of-Value (POV) model. LV-Inc. will support the market liquidity of LVC.

  8. LVC is built on Ethereum network with ERC20 standard (possible upgrade to new standard of Ethereum, or switching to another blockchain protocol).

Security Token Offering - Special Purpose Acquisition Company

A regular Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) is a corporation formed for the sole purpose of raising investment capital through an initial public offering (IPO). Such a business structure allows investors to contribute money towards a fund, which is then used to acquire one or more unspecified businesses to be identified after the IPO.

A STO-SPAC is for similar nature, however only focus to go through the digital asset path for Security Token Offering (STO) in the licensed security token exchanges.

STO-SPAC Table.png
LV Coin STO image.png
Marble Surface
LV Inc Offices

United States
Bethesda MD 20814
Hampden Square 4800
Montgomery Lane, Suite 210

Tel: (1) 301 971 3955 /
301 971 3940

9 Temasek Boulevard
#16-04, Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

Tel: (65) 6333 9181

Hong Kong
7/Floor Skyway Centre
23 Queen’s Road West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2711 1808

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